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Ycch. :)

The thing that bothers me the most is that things get posted on there without a lot of thought as to how it is interpreted by the “Friends” following the posts. It’s too easy to post a rant or remark that hurts others without that being the original poster’s intent. Of course, there are those that just want to hurt others. And, boy can they type fast!!!

Just recently a true friend in another country posted remarks deriding America and Americans. At first I got angry then started to remember this problem with communicating via FB. When you combine that with political issues, anger, and ignorance, you have a recipe for disaster. Oh, and then there is the time of year. ‘Tis the season.

Personally, I think we would be better off without FB etc. but, too many of my friends and relatives use it as their only form of communication. Probably due to it’s ease of use. So, the sad truth is that we have to use it if we want to know what is happening with our friends and families.

I would love to see more careful thought put into the posts. But, just remember that people post with wild abandon and most posts should really just be ignored. This too will pass. 😉


CHF Congestive Heart Failure

After having open heart – OH surgery in 2009 to replace a defective aortic heart valve, I am now looking at another open heart surgery!!!

Apparently I have CHF and the reason has finally been determined. Seems that sometimes OH surgery can sometimes cause the pericardium (the bag around the heart) to become enlarged and calcify. This causes a constriction of the heart so that it cannot relax enough to refill from the veins in between heart beats. This results in reduced blood flow and at times fluid retention.

The solution to this is to remove the pericardium (pericardiectomy) either completely or partially. This unfortunately, involves opening the chest.

So, now we wait to see when the surgery will take place.

The prognosis for this surgery is Fantastic! From what I have read, people feel a lot better with more energy after this. So, I am actually excited! It would be nice to be able to walk up and down stairs without having to rest for hours afterwards. Not to mention getting to play with the grand-kids again!

And, then of course, there’s the fishing. 😉

Good News, Bad News! 12/17/12

So, Bad news is I need another Open Chest surgery and Good news is I GET another Open Chest surgery!! 😀

Just got off the phone with my heart nurse and apparently the Cardiac CT that I had done last Friday shows definitly that my pericardium is enlarged and constricting my heart. That is the reason for my Constrictive heart failure (CHF) .


Angry people

The number of angry people in this world seems to be increasing exponentially!

End of the world

Seems that rumor has it the END OF THE WORLD is coming this week! LOL Well, it may be correct but, I don’t think that the Mayans have prophesied it. I have been looking at the Mayan Calendar and from what I have seen it doesn’t foretell the end of the world so much as it is just the end of the calendar cycle.

The good news is that their calendar appears to be circular! Check me if I’m wrong, but, it looks like the circle doesn’t end. The whole thing just goes round and round and round and round. Image that.

Now, a new era and cycle may mean something. According to the Mayan rumors, things will change. Hmmm… now that sounds prophetic. Guess we’ll know it the next 5 thousand (give or talk a few) years if the change meant something.

So, End of the world? Someones wishful thinking, I think.

See you all on the 22nd!