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Post surgery report

Just got back from post surgery tests and Dr visits.

Dr asked first off if I felt good about the results of the surgery. I told him he was definitely my Friend! Dr says that everything looks great! During the surgery he was amazed at the pericardium. He said it was like peeling bark off a tree. And very thick. They could see a definite increase in volume that the heart was putting out as they went along. In the end there was almost double the volume!!! Exactly what we were hoping for. The only question left to answer now is if there was any damage done to the Heart Muscle itself. So far no indications. Only time will tell on that one.

He did finally tell me that with this surgery there would be a lot of pain for a while (slight understatement). He didn’t figure that it make any difference to me before the surgery. And, I was so very motivated to have this surgery, that it wouldn’t have made a difference in my decision to go ahead or not! He was CORRECT! I remember on that day when we agreed to the surgery, he asked me how soon I would want to have it done. I told him I was available that day and any day after.
So, now reconstruction, rebuilding, etc. of my muscles and stamina. He said that I would not be running a marathon today. But, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, now. We’ll see what possibilities will open up. It appears that I have a lot of living left to do. 😀

To thank these people and Hospital is really not enough. But it’s all I have. So,

Thank you

Billings Clinic

Dr. Kolla

Dr. Millikan

All of the great RN’s LRN’s, CPAs, Assistants, aids et all!

Way too many to name. But, they all made a remarkable imprint on my spirit and soul.

Blessings to all of you. And, thanks for being there for an old guy who right out of anestesia asked if he would be able to play the Banjo!



I’m BaaaCKKK

Sitting in the best hospital in the world! (well my world anyways). Surgery was done Wed. And, they said I did well. I don’t remember a lot after the Anest. guy said “talk with ya when you wake up”! As for the surgery, I didn’t have to go on bypass which was a possibility. The DR was able to reach everything through some ribs in the chest cavity.

Recovery, yesterday, started good. But, the pain meds they were using were causing my BP to plummet. So, they changed that and I spent the worst and most painful night of my life “dialing” in the right configuration. The results this morning are fantastic!

Lura is finally getting some sleep. Way too rough on loved ones.

Well more to come. But, time for Nurse change. So, lots’ of tests and some walking I think.

It’s good to be alive. 😉

Pre Surgery Day

Woo Hoooo!!! They finally confirmed that the sack around my heart (pericardium) is constricting it. It is not letting the heart relax enough to fully refill between compressions. So, they have to strip that off the  heart. Sounds nastier than it is. Drs. are hoping to do it endoscopically so they won’t have to open the chest again. I frowned when I heard that. So, the nurse asked me why? I was hoping the new surgeon would do the knots better so they don’t hurt when a little childs’ head. She went to talk with the dr about scheduling. When she came back with all kinds of good news. The surgery is bumped up and Dr said no problem with removing that wire and knot. So I said GREAT! We are a go. I also get a new surgeon and the one I know will be assisting. So, it’s a two for one deal!

Today, Tues. 1/8/2013, we’re doing pre-op stuff at the Hospital. Eating breakfast at the cafeteria at the moment. Not too bad.

Well, more to come later.


Heart Cath episode III

Well, Ok. The surgeon wants to do a Heart Catheterization of his own. He says he needs to measure volumes and flow. Nobody can figure out why the last guy didn’t take the measurements while he was in there a month ago. Everyone is scratching their heads on that.

The only thing we can figure was that a veil was dropped over the Dr during the test. I guess I just wasn’t supposed to have the surgery at that time.

So, Yippee Yioooo! It’s off to radiology I go.

I told the Nurse and Drs that I was getting a bit concerned that I may be on a death panel of some sort. Doesn’t really matter except that if they aren’t going to go ahead with this surgery, then tell me and I’ll get on with life as best I can. The waiting is really getting annoying.


Oh, well.