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Well, it’s been a loong time.

Howdy all,

It’s been a long time between posts. We have been busy here with important things. Spiritual, Medical, health, — LIFE —- issues have been really forefront more so than usual.

I keep recovering from my heart issues and my mind is working more and more. Good thing mostly but, at times I am reminded of how much I missed and neglected while I was incapacitated. So, I have been playing a game of catch-up in a lot of things. Fortunately, humor has returned as well. Although some would say that’s troublesome, I find it very necessary when I am reminded of somethings that I wasn’t aware of before. Not to mention just bringing smiles to peoples faces.

I have also spent a lot of time using the Social Media to catch up. That media is DANGEROUS, PEOPLE!!! More on that later. But, suffice it to say here, that it can consume a lot of ones time.

I think I will be using this format more and linking the posts here to my FB account. Mainly because I can get my thoughts out easier and faster than on FB with all of the ads and minutia that floats around there mainly to advertise something.

Well, thanks for reading this. And, please post comments!!!

Your Friend,