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Bill Cosby Yelled at ME!! :)

The kids bought us tickets to go see Bill Cosby yesterday at the Alberta Bair Theater in Billings Mt! It was FANTASTIC!!! And, then some.
I really was excited to just go see the man on stage, live. However, we were quite amazed! He still has it. He is one of the best entertainers around. I especially love the way he involves the audience. Oh, a tip for the husbands out there, if you go and are close to the front, be prepared to know how many years you have been married. One guy made the mistake of answering a couple of years more than his wife knows to be true. Oh My! Mr Cosby went on with that for a good 10 minutes. It was hilarious!

Oh, yea. Back to the title. During his bit on mother’s day, Bill asked how many mothers had three kids. There were lots of clapping. Then he got to 6 and there was only a couple. That’s where he stopped! Well, my wife has 7 so…

I yelled out “SEVEN!!”. He looks up (we were in the Loge) and yells back “THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION!” ….

My Claim to FAME: I was yelled at by Bill Cosby!