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Howdy all!

I was reminded of an upcoming appointed day and it got me to looking at the moon again. It was interesting that last night the moon was Full. It was very impressive in it’s Full (should I say complete?) status. We also have a lot of smoke in the atmosphere here so, it was a bit red.

Anyhow, one observation that struck me yesterday is our wording regarding the Moon. I looked up the dates and times on a few sites including and a question came to mind. Why “New Moon”?

We identify the moon as FULL when it is completely illuminated by the suns light. Yet, when it’s dark, we identify it as “New”? If we use the same mixed use of adjective types on other things, it really stands out! For example Full glass of water, New glass of water? What would you get from a child if you asked them to get you a New glass of water? Would it be empty? How about a New Car? Would you be expecting a car that is just a piece of steel or would you rather be expecting a complete car?

The opposite of Full is Empty. So, why is the term “New” used? Traditions of man. Plain and simple. If you do a search in scripture on the actual meanings you see that the translations are slightly incorrect. The use of “New Moon” in some places, appears to be incorrect. SURPRISE!!!

One last thought. When Yahweh created the moon, was it dark? Or, empty? Or, just a sliver? Not my understanding of Genesis at all. It was created to light the night! FULL and Completely ILLUMINATED!!

Just my four bits,