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Fly-Fishing the Stillwater!

Yesterday Mike and I went fly-fishing on the Stillwater river! And, before you ask, NO didn’t catch anything. :) But, I had a BLAST and I think Mike did too. Just two guys on the river enjoying the water and solitude. And learning how to fly-fish.
Just to clarify, fishing is FISHING! Not necessarily catching! Sure, it would have been nice to catch some but, the best part of any fishing is getting on the water and relaxing. That we did. We also had some good conversational time.

This was my first serious day of fly-fishing. I got a new reel on my birthday and have been itching to check it out. It worked great. Thanks, kids. 😉 I haven’t been fishing for a while and fly-fishing has always seemed a bit much for me. Wow! Was I surprised!

Fly-fishing is well…. different but, when you get settled and relaxed, it is very enjoyable and fun. If you are used to another form of fishing, the hardest part is remembering that you don’t cast as hard as you would with a spinner or bait casting rig. Then you have to throw a little bit of timing in as well. This all means that your arm has to do a lot of unlearning along with some learning.

Unlearning something is very difficult at best and with a lot of things can almost be insurmountable (religiosity comes to mind) but, unlearning arm movements is doable. I did have to talk to my arm a lot. it kept wanting to go back to casting hard and long sometimes right in the middle of a forward cast! Not pretty and sometimes hazardous. Lots of times it would go back way too far on the back cast, too. That seems to result in catching a lot of shrubs and rocks.

Mike may have had a little more difficulty because of his fencing skills. I didn’t see him do any lunging or thrusting of the rod but, his forward cast seemed to be too low. I wondered if this might be do to him trying to get the sword on target! After chatting about it while snacking on the beach, his casts looked a lot better and he was presenting the fly nicely! The loops in the air were beautiful!

In hind site, I guess I did do some catching after all! 1 Head, 1 cap, 4 or 5 shrubs, misc rocks. And, actually, I did hook one fish!!! Scared the heck out of me. LOL He did flip off the hook before I landed him but, that was exciting! My heart rate even jumped up irrespective of my heart medicine! Loved it.