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Global Warming scare?

The question is not whether the climate is changing or not because the answer is of course and emphatically YES! (duh). The climate is always changing not only with the annual seasons but on a longer time period, the global temperature has been higher and it has been lower than the current age. But, the politicians want us to panic and give them more money to keep it from changing. How arrogant, ludicrous and assuming can they get? Oh wait, they’re politicians. 😉

As Stossel says in the video, We should be asking these questions.
Is it man-made?
Is it a crisis?
Can man do anything about it?

The “Hockey Stick” graph seems to come from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Not surprising it “is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change.”

Scary stuff until you check out who sponsors them and how they have massaged the data to come up with what they have. Also, take a look at the reconstructed data from about 2000 bc to now. Shows a different story. Those people back them must have been burning up everything they could find and breathing a LOT!

Also, their “hockey stick” graph is in tenths of degrees! That could easily have been altered to make the case. This whole climate scare is a ridiculous clown act. And, Al Gore is one of the Chief Clowns. Guess he thought that is second best to Commander-in-Chief.