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Hearing Aids

I got my first hearing aid a few weeks ago, and things are much better. Hard to get used to something tickling my ear but, the trade off is Great! Still getting used to all the new sounds I’m hearing. Tell you what! The sound of rain on this Motor Home is totally different! I thought someone was throwing pebbles on it! Much sharper and more distinct. Oh and I found myself hanging from the ceiling when Mellissa knocked last night! She has always knocked loudly but, that was quite the surprise.

The best thing is that I can hear little children much better. I love listening to what they have to say about the world around them. “Hey, look! Grandpa!” and other versions seems to be said a lot when I go bye them. One even said “Santa!” LOL. I smile and wave with a wink! Gotta love kids. Usually smiling and always watching and observing.

Yesterday I went to the Audiologist for a checkup on how the hearing aid was doing! While in the waiting room there was a young boy that made very LOUD sounds! But, he looked at me and waved! That was actually pretty cool. Then the FIRE ALARM went off!!! HOLY CRAPPPP!!!! That was LOUD!!!

Anyhow, the audiologist asked how I was doing? Told her I only had one complaint. Well, now two. Turn that dern alarm down!!! She said she couldn’t do anything about that. What was the other? I said that some of my fav music causes feedback!! So, “Ok, I can put another program in to solve that.”, she did a little typing and now I have a channel for just listening to MUSIC!!! AWESOME!!! What an amazing technology.

Now, I’m istening to Alison Krause’ ‘LONG JOURNEY’ with no feedback on the fiddle or the banjo!!! Sweet. Life is good. 😉