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Love this song. Not sure why, but this reminded me of the last time Lura and I sat on the side of the bed. She kissed me quickly, three times. Smiling the whole time. Then laid down for the last time. We held hands for most of the last time together. We were hardly ever physically apart and never apart in thoughts.

I wonder what will be the first thing she says. Don’t think it will be “Where’ve you been?” . I hope it’s something on the line of “You did well while I was gone.”. I know I can’t do everything as well as she did but, I’ll keep trying and with practice maybe I’ll be able to help some of us left here without her.

So, anyhow, time for some Eagles and time to get on with the daily chore of “GrandPa”! And, then there is this. “Keep me in your heart for a while”.

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