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A gentleman worth his weight!

I have recently come across a gentleman and brother in the faith, by the name of Alan Horvath. His main website is and below you will find a few of his links that I copied from his YouTube site.

He is an accomplished musician and a very good researcher/student of Yahuweh! There are a lot of songs and studies that you can listen to and or watch. On his weekly YouTube video “Alan’s Real News”, he reports on current events from a believers point of view and what the “LameStream Media isn’t telling us”.

We especially love this YouTube song called “Children of Elohim (The Netchatef Song)”
It is Rory’s favorite! She might be having a very bad day but, when this song comes on you can feel her tension leave her. And, she is usually riveted to the video.

This man is a worthy disciple of Yahuweh. Please enjoy and give the worker his due.

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