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A small note about my best half.

Lura Ruth Nichols.

I know we humans will talk up a person quite a bit after they are gone. And, we “don’t speak ill of the dead”. However, in retrospect, I am sure I have only spoken the truth about her. Simply put, she was a very beautiful and loving human being and she is the love of my life. Now, I am sure I haven’t told everything about her and maybe not mentioned anything negative. BUT, HEY!! I believe that what I have said and will ever say about her is truthful to the best of my memory. Truthfully, I am really hard pressed to find any fault in her.

She was born into the family of Bob and Ruth Slaughter. And, I didn’t get to meet her or her family until around 16 or 17 years later. But, when I did meet them, I was immediately grafted into the group. It always felt like home. Then I spotted Lura!!! There was no great revelation or anything but, I was not surprised at all when I decided to ask her to marry me. It just felt so normal to walk with her and hold hands. That’s when it dawned on me I had to face her Father and ask for his permission. Simple, right? REALITY CHECK!!!

Bob Slaughter was a big guy. No, he was a HUGE MAN! He was a carpenter, hunter and a great father. I am sure he would do most anything to protect his family and here I was a 150 pound pip-squeak that had to face a 1000 lb DAD and look up about ten feet to look him in the eyes. SERIOUSLY!!! At least that’s how big he could grow when he wanted to intimidate anyone and boy he was in prime form that day. Why was I here? Oh, yea. Then I also remembered being told that he had lots of weapons and a very special shotgun. In fact, I think he was cleaning that cannon on the day I “faced” him. I don’t even know how I sold the idea but, he said yes and then the speech.

Long story short. He and Ruth both gave us their permission and we were soon married. Life was fantastic from that point on. While I made a lot of mistakes and got into a lot of trouble along the way, I never considered that decision a mistake for one second. Well, maybe for a fraction of a second when then cannon pointed my way. But, I knew we were supposed to be together forever.

A little over a year later we started our family with a boy. And, boy was he trouble. Lura had no experience with newborns (well at least not enough for this one) and she was terrified! But, she stepped up to the challenge and conquered it. She became the best mother a kid could ever expect. She was extremely protective and was always presenting me with extremely well arguments as to why she wanted things done. Her children were number one then came us.

One of the more interesting examples of her motherly protective position came when we went for a ride on the Ferry. We loved just riding those boats together back and forth on Puget Sound. But, this time was different. We had TODDLERS!! And, while we were told a lot that they were very well behaved and stayed with us whenever we were out and about, she would not take them out on the deck without life-jackets! WHAT? Are you serious? (I, very quickly, learned to never say THAT to her) . She layed it out in no uncertain terms. Heck, I even understood her. “What if the boat was rocked and the boys fell over?” She never had to use a lot of words. So, that was the end of any thought of a response other than “We need to check the fits” And, finally, there we were at the rail of the Edmonds Ferry; holding the hands of her most precious possessions that were well adorned with the best fitting life-jackets we could find. And, me feeling very proud of my decision to face her Enormous Dad and loving my life partner as usual.

There is so much more that can be said about her but, “Short note” keeps coming to mind. Suffice it to say that I am still alive and we are still one person even if she got called home earlier than I. She gave me seven very intelligent and loving children and those have brought more into our lives that we count as our family. They have given us 8 beautiful grand-children.

Lura’s family will always get bigger and, I know that she loves them all.


Thanks for reading this. It is just a very small peak into her life through very tearful eyes. I never liked being away from her but, I HATE THIS! And, to Lura, “Love you Babe! Always and forever!”


Blessings and SHALOM to you all,

Paul Nichols Sr. ( the other half of the whole known as ‘Lura and Paul’)


PS. This took a lot of time to right with way too many tearful breaks. But, I hope to write some more. “Never give up! Never surrender!”

2 Thoughts on “A small note about my best half.

  1. Malcolm Cooper on January 30, 2016 at 11:13 am said:

    Happy memories Paul. I hope we meet one day, pity I missed Lura. Malcolm

    • Thank you, Malcolm. I do hope to meet you and your family some time. I will try harder. It’s just such a long ways to fly. My arms get really tired! 😉

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