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About Me

Well, if anyone cares, this is a brief introduction.  😀

My name is Paul Nichols and I have a prefix of Sr! I go by the moniker of Fourbit in a lot of venues.

I am 58 years old but I feel a lot older. 😉 I am married to a wonderful girl with a beautiful name of Lura. Everyone wants to correct it to Laura but, you really don’t want to go there with either of us. We have 7 children, 4 children in law and 8 grand-children.

We live in Billings, Montana and have lived in this area since 1997 when we moved out from Arlington, Washington.

I have worked in a lot of fields. Starting out building boats for GlasPly in Marysville Washington, then Postal Service for around 10 years and most recently as a Quarry Manager in the mountains just north of here. In addition to my full time work and raising a family, I was also a volunteer firefighter for 30+ years. I started fighting structure fires in Kirkland Washington when I was 18 and most recently fought wildland fires with Bull Mountain Fire in Roundup, Montana up until 2007 when health issues started to manifest. I am currently unemployed due to illness.

In 2009 I had open heart surgery to replace my Aortic valve. And now I have Congestive/Constrictive Heart Failure. These health issues have slowed me down considerably. Hopefully my Drs will determine a course of action soon. I look forward to getting back to work and fishing etc. with my family.

Which brings me here. Aren’t y’all lucky!

Well, now to start some posts.




2 Thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jim Alderman on January 21, 2013 at 2:35 pm said:

    Hi Paul.

    Many people are confused as to the actual designer/builder of the first Glasply boat. Since I am married to the real builder’s daughter she is
    very unhappy the Everett Herald is publishing the wrong person.

    Would you give the name of the builder you worked for if it was in the 60’s?

    Got a lot to share with you about him.

    Yours truly,

    Jim Alderman

  2. Thanks, Jim. I hope my email got to you. I worked at GlasPly in the mid 70’s. And, I’m sorry I don’t remember the owner’s name. I would be interested in any info. you have. That was one of the best jobs I had. In fact, I hope to start building river boats of my own, this year. I need one at least so that I can fish the Big Horn River!


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