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A gentleman worth his weight!

I have recently come across a gentleman and brother in the faith, by the name of Alan Horvath. His main website is and below you will find a few of his links that I copied from his YouTube site.

He is an accomplished musician and a very good researcher/student of Yahuweh! There are a lot of songs and studies that you can listen to and or watch. On his weekly YouTube video “Alan’s Real News”, he reports on current events from a believers point of view and what the “LameStream Media isn’t telling us”.

We especially love this YouTube song called “Children of Elohim (The Netchatef Song)”
It is Rory’s favorite! She might be having a very bad day but, when this song comes on you can feel her tension leave her. And, she is usually riveted to the video.

This man is a worthy disciple of Yahuweh. Please enjoy and give the worker his due.

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Halloween – “All Hallows’ Eve”

Ok, this may be classified as a ‘rant’ by some. But, so be it.

Halloween is an insidious and destructive pagan inspired day set aside by man’s ‘church’!!! Don’t partake! EVIL begets EVIL!!

This is the first ‘holy’ day of the upcoming season of the church’s deliberate attempt to destroy the authority of Yeshua and to negate and replace Yahweh’s HOLY Days with ones designed to put the church leaders in a position of authority.

The history of this is well documented in Wikipedia (simple search). So, I won’t get into that much. The underlying practice of the church to get rid of Yahweh’s commandments, teachings and Holy Feast days is the ultimate concern! If one wishes to be recognized by the Father in the afterlife, then this would be the first thing to change. I would HATE to hear  ‘I say to you I do not know you, where you are from. Depart from Me, all you workers of unrighteousness.’ (Luke 13:27) when I am knocking on the door to heaven. :(

Are you going to be a worker of Righteousness or unrighteousness!!!  Start today! LIFE is SHORT and our days are numbered!

Blessings to you all in your search for the TRUTH!



Howdy all!

I was reminded of an upcoming appointed day and it got me to looking at the moon again. It was interesting that last night the moon was Full. It was very impressive in it’s Full (should I say complete?) status. We also have a lot of smoke in the atmosphere here so, it was a bit red.

Anyhow, one observation that struck me yesterday is our wording regarding the Moon. I looked up the dates and times on a few sites including and a question came to mind. Why “New Moon”?

We identify the moon as FULL when it is completely illuminated by the suns light. Yet, when it’s dark, we identify it as “New”? If we use the same mixed use of adjective types on other things, it really stands out! For example Full glass of water, New glass of water? What would you get from a child if you asked them to get you a New glass of water? Would it be empty? How about a New Car? Would you be expecting a car that is just a piece of steel or would you rather be expecting a complete car?

The opposite of Full is Empty. So, why is the term “New” used? Traditions of man. Plain and simple. If you do a search in scripture on the actual meanings you see that the translations are slightly incorrect. The use of “New Moon” in some places, appears to be incorrect. SURPRISE!!!

One last thought. When Yahweh created the moon, was it dark? Or, empty? Or, just a sliver? Not my understanding of Genesis at all. It was created to light the night! FULL and Completely ILLUMINATED!!

Just my four bits,


What is the Torah?

The Torah is the first five books of the Bible, and it contains the instructions by which we’re all to live. The word “Torah” is commonly rendered as “law” in English Bibles, but it is more accurately defined as “teaching” or “instruction”.

Traditions of Men

Perhaps it’s time we threw off
the traditions and doctrines that
were created by men and hold only
to the one doctrine of the Word of
the Living God.

Why do you refer to Jesus as Yeshua?

Yeshua is our Hebrew Messiah’s true name, and it’s the name that His mother, brothers, and disciples all called Him by. It means “Yah is Salvation”.

Yeshua is the shortened form of Yehoshua and is actually “Joshua” in English. As difficult as it is to believe, the name “Jesus” didn’t even exist until a few hundred years ago. For confirmation of the fact that His name is Yeshua or “Joshua” in English, simply compare the KJV translation of Acts 7:45 with any other English translation. What you will notice is a glaring KJV translation error which stems from the fact that the name in the original text was Yehoshua — the KJV translators incorrectly assumed that the passage was referencing our Messiah instead of Joshua the Son of Nun!